HUMERIA is organizing a staff training aimed to increase the capability of project management in ENPI Universities, with special attention to Erasmus Mundus management.

The training session is mainly intended for university staff members dealing with Erasmus Mundus projects, exchange programmes/ projects and internationalization.

The training will be carried out in two parts: 2 weeks during 2015 and 2 weeks during 2016. The total length of the training is 30 days. NB! In case of selection, the participant agrees to take part in both session parts, organized in 2015 and 2016.

First part of the training will take place in 19 April – 03 May 2015 in Tallinn University, Estonia.

The training will cover following fields:

  • Erasmus Mundus management (incl. management of scholarships and mobility documents, overall management of the programme; grantee selection process).
  • Branding and promotion: promotion of international programmes, branding of the university
  • International student support services
  • Internationalization process in higher education
  • Education in the future (visionary seminar)

Different study methods such as lectures, workshops and discussions will be used. Participants will be asked to actively contribute to the discussion, introduce their home institution and share their experience with Erasmus Mundus/ international projects/ exchange management/ internationalization process in their university.

As a result of the training the participants will obtain a thorough understanding of management of an Erasmus Mundus project, management of individual mobilities and documents as well as new knowledge in student support and other areas related to internationalization of higher education and international cooperation.

An exciting social programme and networking opportunities will be part of the training.

Scholarship: Participants will receive a scholarship of 2500 EUR in total, from which costs of accommodation, participation in social programme events and joint dinners will be subtracted. Accommodation of the participants will be arranged by Tallinn University.

Travel arrangements: Travel to the training and back home will be arranged by Tallinn University and financed additionally by the HUMERIA project.

Positions for following applicants are foreseen:

Nationality Target Group Number of positions
Armenia TG1/2 1 position
Azerbaijan TG1 1 position
Belarus TG1/2 1 position
Georgia TG1 1 position
Moldova TG1/2 1 position
Ukraine TG1/2 2 positions

NB! The actual distribution may differ depending on the number and quality of applications. Number of positions may be increased in case of several good candidates.

APPLY online: http://www.humeria-application.eu/ Choose “Administrative staff” and Host Institution: Tallinn University.

In your Motivation Letter please describe your previous contact with Erasmus Mundus/ International mobility projects management and how the training would benefit your everyday work back home.

In your Mobility Activity Plan outline briefly your expectations for the training (what subjects you would like to learn most about).

NB! Please indicate that you are applying for the “Tallinn University staff training session, April 2015-2016”.

Complete Motivation letter  and a Mobility Activity Plan signed by your Home Institution should be sent to maria.jaarats@tlu.ee latest by 19. December morning. In return prospective candidates will receive a letter of interest by Tallinn University.

Please note that Erasmus Mundus eligibility rules apply to applicants and participants of this training! http://humeria.eu/who-can-apply/target-groups/