HUMERIA Final Meeting (1 June 2017), at Ilia State University, Georgia

To conclude the project, Tallinn Uinversity (coordinator) in cooperation with Ilia State University (joint coordinator) organised HUMERIA Final Meeting. The aim of this meeting was to gather together for the last time with the consortium’s partner universities and their local HUMERIA coordinators in order to analyse, evaluate and make final summaries of the life-cycle of HUMERIA project.  The goal of this meeting was also to look ahead and map the future perspectives and cooperation avenues between the HUMERIA partners under the Erasmus+ programme.

Erasmus Mundus HUMERIA Staff Training with scholarships

Erasmus Mundus HUMERIA Staff Training was organised by Tallinn University, and was held in two sessions: Session I in spring 2015 (19 April – 3 May 2015) and Session II in winter 2016 (14 – 29 February 2016).

The participants of the training were selected within the framework of 2nd Cohort selection process, and included both the administrative as well as academic staff from HUMERIA Consortium’s partner HEIs, as well as from non-partner HEIs. The participants came from all the 6 ENPI countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine) and represented the following universities: Qafqaz University, University of European Studies of Moldova, Caucasus University, Goris State University, Ilia State University, Zaporizhzhya National University, Nakhchivan State University, Gavar State University, Belarusian State University.

Session I brought together both the Erasmus Mundus (EM) Humeria Staff from HEIs of ENPI countries, as well as Tallinn University’s Erasmus+ KA1 partners from EU universities. Such variety of university-representatives made all the topics covered during two weeks of training a truly gripping undertaking (e.g. multiple perspectives and approaches to the developments taking place in higher education, different paths to internationalization of universities, new winds in EU/international mobility programmes). Thus an exchange of practices is the key-word of Session I. In addition Session I also dedicated time for analysing the EM Action II programme and its projects based on the example & life-cycle of HUMERIA. The brainstorming was also made on the successful impacts EMAII projects are having in the Eastern Neighbourhood region. Besides keeping the participants busy at the university, they were also kept occupied with various leisure activities like a guided tour in Tallinn’s old town, an excursion in the bog, and a visit to the top of Tallinn’s TV Tower.

Session II focused primarily on scrutinizing the Erasmus+ programme, and primarily how the profound cooperation among EU and ENPI partners founded within the framework of EMAII projects could also continue in the future under either the umbrellas of Erasmus+ KA1 or KA2. In the center were Capacity Building projects, International Credit Mobility, Horizon2020. The most in detail look was given to Erasmus+ Capacity Building projects which took the format of 2-days intensive seminar. Nevertheless, other exciting topics were included as well like host’s presentations on international student services, on university branding and marketing, plus also a workshop on best practices on international student admission, to name a few. Last but not least, also this time the pastime activities were not neglected and the participants were taken to North-West of Estonia for a visit to Tallinn University’s regional college, Haapsalu College, located at a beautiful resort-town, and as a cherry on the top, the participants were also encouraged to be courageous and put their ice-skating skills on test.

At the end of the whole 1 month of training, all participants received the Participation Certificate, as well as the certificate of having passed the separate Capacity Building training at Tallinn University.

Photo below: Tallinn University hosts and the EM HUMERIA participants (February 2016)

All group_in front of TU (3)








Other events:

7th International Conference on Concept Mapping (5 – 9 September 2016) at Tallinn University, Estonia
HUMERIA supported the participation of the academic representatives of ENPI HEIs at the 7th International Conference on Concept Mapping, CMC2016 (5 – 9 September 2016), taking place at Tallinn University. The main scope of the CMC2016 was education, thus CMS was meant for educators, researchers and scientists interested in using concept mapping method in their research or teaching.

University of Babeş-Bolyai International Week (12 – 16 September 2016), at University of Babeş-Bolyai, Romania
HUMERIA supported the participation and organisation of International Week (12 – 16 September 2016), organised by Center of International Cooperation of University of Babeş-Bolyai. HUMERIA supported the participation of administrative personnel from International Relations Offices of HUMERIA ENPI partner HEIs without experience in international exchange programs and/or administrative staff with less experience and knowledge about the processes involving the internationalisation of higher education and HEIs.