Frequently Asked Questions


Question: When can I start my mobility?

Answer: Student mobilities in the 2nd call start  in the Autumn semester 2015, or earlier in some cases (in agreed so with the host and home universities).


Question: What can I study with HUMERIA?

Answer: Please see all study opportunities here.


Question: What is the difference between exchange and full-time mobility?

Answer: If you are studying as an exchange student you are being registered at your home university and study with HUMERIA at the partner university only temporarily. Full-time study means that you are applying for the full-time study programme, are then registered at the partner university and will obtain a degree from that university.


Question: I have been granted a scholarship within the Erasmus Mundus programme before. Am I eligible to apply again?

Answer: You can apply for a HUMERIA scholarship if you apply for a different type of mobility than granted within the past Erasmus Mundus project. For example, if you have been selected before as a Master grantee, you can now apply as a PhD. However, please note that preference will always be given to new applications. Only in case there are scholarships available after all new applications have been selected, past Erasmus Mundus scholars’ applications will be considered.


Question: Am I eligible to apply if I am a citizen of Eastern Neighbouring Country but I have been to Europe before?

Answer: Third-country students must not have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of the eligible European countries at the time of submitting their application to the partnership. This rule, however, does not apply to Target Group 3 nor staff candidates.


Question: Can I apply for a different EU university if I am an EU student or for a different third-country if I am a third-country student?

Answer: No, intra-EU nor intra-third-country mobility is not allowed within the programme.


Question: Which documents do I need to submit?

Answer: Please see the list of required documents here on our website. Please see the document requirements for the mobility type you are planning to apply for. Different mobility types have different document requirements. Please see the description of the mobility types here.


Question: How many applications I can submit for the HUMERIA project?

Answer: Only one application per applicant will be accepted. In case you submit more than one application, only the application submitted lastly will be considered eligible by the selection committee.


Question: Will I receive a confirmation e-mail if I have submitted my application?

Answer: Yes, the application system will send you an automatic confirmation letter. You can also access your application online using your login and password.


Question: When will I receive my first scholarship payment?

Answer: As soon as you have signed all documents (Arrival Certificate, Scholarship Award Agreement, Bank Account Details Form and Learning Agreement (for exchange students) we will start processing your payments. It is essential that you start work on these things during the orientation week.