What documents should be filled?

 At the moment of arrival

You will be welcomed by the local HUMERIA team at their office. The following documents will be filled out:

    1.  Certificate of Arrival. After arrival at the host university you should hand in and add the original boarding passes of the inbound flights to the Arrical Certificate. Download:HUMERIA Arrival Certificate.
    2.  Scholarship Agreement. Download:HUMERIA Scholarship-Award-Agreement
    3.  Bank Account Details Form. The first transfer will be done for the first and the second month at once, because you will have to spend more in the first month (deposit for your room, books etc.). You must be aware that you won’t receive a scholarship in the second month at the host university, since the first transfer included the advanced payment of the second month. Afterwards the subsistence allowance will be transferred on a monthly basis. Download: HUMERIA Bank Account Details Form
    4.  Learning Agreement. The Learning Agreement should be signed by the appropriate authorities at the home, host universities and the grantee before the mobility starts. Any changes has to be agreed by all three parties involved. Download:HUMERIA Learning Agreement
    5.  Reclamation of Expenditures Form for Eligible Visa Related Costs. Download: HUMERIA Reclamation Visa Expenditures

NB! As soon as you have signed all documents (Arrival Certificate, Scholarship Award Agreement, Bank Account Details Form and Learning Agreement (for exchange students) we will start processing your scholarship payments. It is essential that you start work on these things during the orientation week.

Progress reports

For Doctoral students with a mobility longer than 6 months, a progress report should be filled after every 6 months.

Download: HUMERIA PhD progress report

At the end of mobility

    1.  Staff Report. Download: HUMERIA Staff Report
    2.  Doctoral and Post Doctoral Students Final Report. Download: HUMERIA PhD and Postdoc Final Report
    3. Transcript of Records (BA, MA exchange) / Diploma Supplement (MA degree) 
    4. Leaving Certificate. Download: HUMERIA Leaving Certificate
    5. Please keep all boarding passes and send them to the project coordinator Tallinn University, scanned to humeria@humeria.eu and by post to Tallinn University:

HUMERIA project
Academic Affairs Office
Tallinn University
Narva mnt 25
10120 Tallinn